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WASHINGTON, April 7, 2023 – This World Health Day, many will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) and rally behind its 2023 theme to pursue “Health for All.” 

Every two minutes a woman dies from a pregnancy or childbirth-related issue, and yet we know that many of these deaths could be prevented with access to essential health care. But WHO is prioritizing abortion as an “essential health service” and spending a vast amount of resources advancing this agenda that strays from the real health care necessities desperately needed by women and girls. The WHO’s mission should be impartial and practical, yet currently, it inexcusably abuses its soft power to impose its ideologies on less powerful nations – often those with the most vulnerable populations .

We urge the WHO to pursue health for all, set aside divisive political agendas and siloed priorities that prevent authentic health, and recommit to making the main thing the main thing: Promoting optimal health and thriving for women everywhere, at every stage of life. No strings attached. 


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