When Women Thrive,

We All Do

We promote optimal health and flourishing for women throughout every stage of life.

The Problem

Women's health is hanging in the balance.

Amidst high-level foreign policy negotiations, the health of women is often set aside in favor of polarizing policy debates. Women, especially the most vulnerable, become collateral damage.

Foreign assistance and global funding often fails to emphasize the overall health of the person, instead focusing on siloed priorities or the most divisive policies. For too many women, this causes more harm than good.

No longer.


to Believe

The Institute for Women's Health (IWH) is committed to helping women live their healthiest lives by removing the obstacles that stand in the way. Finding solutions that matter to women's health matters to us. Though tremendous gains have been made for the health of women globally, much work remains.

We're Doing

Something About It

We already know how to solve or treat many of these health challenges. Our job at the Institute for Women's Health (IWH) is to remove the obstacles standing in the way.

The Solution

When there is coordinated action among multidisciplinary influencers – including governments, non-governmental organizations, and individuals – women can be empowered and given access to information and health care. Improving health for women, especially in the most challenging areas, requires all of us working together.


There's a Better Way

The Institute for Women's Health tackles the most pressing health issues women face around the world through honest discourse, targeted action, and empowered alliances.

Discover the Declaration That's Changing It All

The Geneva Consensus Declaration and Coalition is putting divisive debates aside and taking a stand for women and families.


Read, discover, and be informed on the current state of women's health and what you can do to promote change.