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WASHINGTON, D.C., May 17, 2022  – Valerie Huber, founder and president of the Institute for Women’s Health (IWH), is set to speak at the most highly influential conservative gatherings in Hungary this month. She will address CPAC Hungary on May 20 before presenting at the Transatlantic Summit on May 27. Huber will speak on behalf of the Washington D.C.-based health policy institute she leads, which is focused on advancing the health of women and girls at every stage of life while advocating for the sovereignty of individual nations to legislate on these issues without foreign interference. 

“Under Prime Minister Orbán and President Novák’s leadership, Hungary remains committed to defending liberty, the family as an integral part of a healthy society, and life at every stage, so it’s no surprise that leaders from around the world would choose to gather here to continue discussing ways to protect these values. I am honored to join Hungarian government officials and other foreign leaders and influencers at this event,”  said Huber. “I am grateful for the opportunity to bring awareness to the various obstacles preventing real health gains for women around the world. I will encourage nations to stand firm against ideological colonization efforts by progressive allied nations and to reject any external political framework which seeks to violate their ability to defend core values and human rights in support of women’s health, life, and family.” 

CPAC Hungary will be the first-ever Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Europe and is scheduled to take place at the Bálna Conference Center in Budapest on May 19-20. The conference is organized jointly by the Center for Fundamental Rights and the American Conservative Union. Huber will address this conference on May 20 during a session entitled “Conservative Revival,” following a virtual message from President Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán will be the keynote speaker. Others scheduled to address this conference include former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens, among other foreign leaders and political influencers. 

The Transatlantic Summit 2022 is an annual conference hosted by the Political Network for Values, a multinational platform “in favor of life, family and fundamental freedoms as a space of encounter and exchange of reflections and best practices.” Political representatives from around the world will gather May 26-27 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest to address the “intrinsic relationship between freedom and human dignity in the face of contemporary challenges.” Huber will participate in a panel discussion on the global and regional challenges concerning human rights on May 27. 

Valerie Huber, M.Ed., served the United States of America during the past administration as the United States Special Representative for Global Women’s Health. She is known as the architect of the Geneva Consensus Declaration, and is now president and CEO of the Institute for Women’s Health. For more information about IWH, visit Institute for Women’s Health ( and follow its Twitter account: @IWH4women.

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