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WASHINGTON, March 8, 2023 – The Institute for Women’s Health (IWH) celebrates International Women’s Day today alongside countless others across the world. The upward movement of women in terms of equality and opportunities has been dramatic over the past several decades in the U.S., and we applaud these advancements, as well as the remarkable achievements and contributions made by women throughout history. 

One of the strongest indicators of a woman’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements is the quality of her holistic health. That’s why IWH is committed to working with countries around the world and other like-minded organizations to promote optimal health and thriving for women and girls.

Despite meaningful advancements in women’s health, the need to prioritize it remains high. The reality is that many women and girls are still suffering and dying from preventable causes worldwide. For example, over 800 women still die every day from preventable pregnancy-related causes. Over 525,000 children die each year from diarrhea, the leading cause of malnutrition in young girls under 5 years old. And 342,000 women died from cervical cancer in 2020, with 90% of cases and deaths occurring in low and middle-income countries.

Both domestically and abroad, authentic health gains for women and girls are too often derailed by polarizing policy debates. Distracting, politically divisive agendas can confuse, complicate, and create obstacles for real progress, and the most vulnerable women and girls end up being collateral damage. We believe that ideological differences must be set aside to keep women’s and girls’ health the main priority.

At IWH, we are unapologetically pro-woman. And on this International Women’s Day, we stand more committed than ever to advocating for the advancement of women’s and girls’ health and thriving at every stage of life, from the first 1,000 days to the last breath.


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