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The Three Generation Strategy



Three Generation Strategy (AdGen3)

Preparing teens for their family of the future.

AdGen3 encourages seeing teens as part of three generations, the family of origin, a teen in the present and preparing for their family of the future. All three of these components are critical for having a clear guide to healthy development through the changes of puberty and maturity.

About the Three Generation Strategy (AdGen3)

  • Through the full training, motivational theories are presented, guidance on healthy risk behaviors, data on the adverse effects of negative risks, such as drugs, alcohol, and premature sex, and how social workers, clinicians, and others can encourage parents to be involved and see their valuable role in a teen’s life.  
  • For medical schools, IWH has previously presented on topics on optimal sexual health and the importance of relationships in Guatemala.  
    • This training was given to specifically guide doctors in training on how to approach sensitive topics such as puberty in a way that includes, rather than excludes, parents, and equips them to give care and support to their teen through their adolescent years. 
    • This includes strategies for talking to teens, teaching refusal skills, activities incorporated into the training to talk about puberty, maturity, and sex, and how to recognize when a child or teen may need additional help.  

The Three Generation Strategy for Adolescents (AdGen3)


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